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The clubs and poetry recitals London has to offer are nothing like what we have at South Bank Poetry. We are passionate about inspiring and encouraging city poets and that’s why we’ve created a membership organisation to create an active community for writers and give them a place to share their work and meet like-minded poets. We want to enable our members to improve their writing skills and embrace their creativity with exclusive workshops, deals and recitals at our London Poetry club. Our live events are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what we offer at South Bank Poetry.

With a membership to our poetry club, London local or not, there are many great benefits that you won’t want to miss. With a year’s membership, you get 15% off classes, and a free one-day workshop that’s designed to improve your poetry by giving you the chance to work with experienced writers to help you find your voice. Our classes are innovative and fun, mixing together aspects of drama, music, mindfulness, fairy-tale and even cinema to inspire you to experiment, explore and push the boundaries of your writing. When you first become a member, we offer you a free 15-minute consultation call to discuss your career as a poet, help you explore different avenues of poetry and talk about developing your portfolio. Members also get free access to open mic nights and poetry recitals at the London poetry club, so whether you want to get onstage or enjoy from the audience, you won’t have to miss a thing. Plus, we offer priority booking for the first five days so you can dive right into all of our exciting events and recitals.

And as if the events and classes weren’t enough, membership to our poetry club includes a year-long subscription to South Bank Poetry magazine and a welcome pack full of goodies. South Bank Poetry is the UK’s leading urban poetry magazine, a periodical anthology of poems about city life, submitted by novice and published poets from across the world which is sure to spark ideas and undo any writer’s block.

The best part? Membership to South Bank Poetry is only £90 a year.


Membership includes

  • 1 day workshop
  • Priority booking- first five days
  • 15% off day long classes
  • Entry to launch readings
  • A years subscription to South Bank Poetry magazine
  • A welcome pack
  • A 15 minute phone call discussing goals and how to develop as a poet
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SBP Yearly Membership £90.00 per Year. Select

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