Rewriting Shakespeare’s Women – Sunday 13 October 2019



Sunday 13 October 2019 from 11.30am to 17:00

Shakespeare is the master of all masters of writing. His writing will outlive us all. There are reasons why he is so successful and renowned. This masterclass will look at the bricks and mortar behind his writing and investigate how reading his plays can help us grow as writers.
We will begin the session looking at how to break his work into the many parts it is made of and use his plays to inspire work of our own.
How does Shakespeare represent women? What did he really think of them? The role of gender will be discussed and explored with a focus on playing with gender stereotypes. We will look at the characters of Beatrice, Juliet and his other women.
The masterclass will focus on how we can use colour and texture in our poetry, learning from different source texts.

Topics Covered

*Discuss how Shakespeare represents women in his plays
*Explore what Shakespeare can teach us as writers
*Explore how colour and texture can be used in poetry
*Play with gender stereotypes

On the day, we will:

*Create a body of poems
*Discuss what we can learn from the master writers
*Read our work out in a supportive and friendly environment

*You will leave the workshop with a meaningful insight into the structure and techniques of the examples of great writing as well as a confident ability to create meaningful work of this genre. You will also leave with a body of work that you can build on after the session.

*Coffee and tea will be provided on the day!

*Read a review of this class by the renowned poet Martyn Crucefix here