Starting to Write Poetry




Saturday 16 March 2019 from 11.30am to 17:00

This is my cap,
this is my overcoat,
here is my shave kit
in its linen pouch.

Some field rations:
my dish, my tumbler,
here in the tin-plate
I’ve scratched my name.

Scratched it here with this
precious nail
I keep concealed
from coveting eyes.

In the bread bag I have
a pair of wool socks
and a few things that I
discuss with no one,

and these form a pillow
for my head at night.
Some cardboard lies
between me and the ground.

The pencil’s the thing
I love the most:
By day it writes verses
I make up at night.

This is my notebook,
this my rain gear,
this is my towel,
this is my twine.

*Inventory by Günter Eich.

We believe that in order to be the poet you already are you have to be in a supportive, encouraging and friendly environment. We invite you to come and take your first poetry workshop with us and learn about how to take that first step to becoming a writer.

Topics Covered

*Writing your first poem
*List poems
*How to read a poem and learn from it
*Cut up poetry
*Developing as a writer

On the day, we will:

*Write three poems of our own
*Discuss what we can learn from the master writers
*Read our work out in a supportive and friendly environment

*You will leave the workshop with a meaningful insight into the structure and techniques of the examples of great writing as well as a confident ability to create meaningful work of this genre. You will also leave with a body of work that you can build on after the session.

*Coffee and tea will be provided on the day!